Labyrinth for Peace

The Tumut Labyrinth celebrates the community service of its citizens in times of peace and conflict.

The project was conceived and funded by the Blakeney Millar Foundation for the benefit and enjoyment of the Tumut community. The Blakeney Millar Foundation partnered with the Rotary Club of Tumut and the Snowy Valleys Council (formerly the Tumut Shire Council) which provided the location in Pioneer Park, to give the local area a facility that can be used by young and old, together or alone.

Tim Oliver, Blakeney Millar Foundation Chair and Rotary Club President, said he hoped the community would appreciate the shared space now available to them for a variety of uses.

“As labyrinths are designed to promote respectful contemplation, we hope all those who use the labyrinth will do so with courtesy towards others who are also undertaking its journey and simply enjoy using the extraordinary community asset,” he said.